Sex Crimes

Defense for Sex Crime Charges in Portland

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Accusations of sexual misconduct carry a social stigma that can have an immediate impact on your personal and professional life. There are many different types of sex-related crimes, including:

  • Molestation
  • Prostitution
  • Sodomy
  • Solicitation
  • Rape
  • Unlawful sexual penetration
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual corruption of a child
  • Manufacturing and distribution of child pornography
  • Sexual assault

The severity of the charges will depend on the circumstances of the case. Sex crimes that result in severe bodily harm, involve children and/or the use of a deadly weapon can result in felony charges and Ballot Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentencing.

Penalties for Sexual Offenses in Oregon

The crime of rape can be charged in the first, second or third degree. First degree rape is a Class A felony involving the use of force. You can also be charged with first degree rape if you engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor under 12 years of age, or the alleged victim was mentally or physically incapacitated. A conviction for Class A felony rape will result in a minimum prison sentence of 8 years and four months. Other penalties can include fines, restitution, mandatory psychological counseling and court-ordered sex offender registration.

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